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Амбулаторно-поликлиническое отделение: СПб, 2-я Березовая аллея, д.3/5 Стационар: СПб, Проспект Ветеранов, 56

Единый call-центр: 8 (812) 607-03-03
Отдел платных услуг: 8 (812) 607-05-05

Первичный прием, консультация и лечение в рамках программы ОМС осуществляется по направлению от районного онколога.

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St.-Petersburg City Oncology Clinic

Chief doctor - George M. Manikhas

There are about 114065 cancer patients registered in St.-Petersburg to date, 59500 of whom surviving 5 and more years. There is a trend to cancer morbidity growth, with 389,1/1000000 of new cancer cases diagnosed yearly.

The majority of cancer patients are being treated and followed up in the St.-Petersburg City Oncology Clinic. The out-patient service is carried out by surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, ENT doctors, medical oncologists, radiologists, specialists in pain control, and others. Endoscopy, X-ray, day-case surgery, and several other departments are the functioning units of the Policlinic. About 450-500 patients visit Policlinic daily. The day-case surgery amount of work is 7000 surgical procedures/year. More than 2700 patients receive radiation treatment on the out-patient basis. The in-patient (Hospital) part of the St.-Petersburg City Oncology Clinic is presented by:

  • - 8 surgical units (390 beds) for patients with gastric, colorectal,  breast, skin and soft tissue cancer, and also cancer of a liver and pancreas, prostate gland, kidneys and bladder, head and neck;
  • -  gynecology unit  (120 beds) for woman with genital cancer;
  • - thoracic unit (60 beds) for patients with lung, mediastinal, esophageal cancer, as well as those with tumour localized in gastric cardia; 
  • - radiology unit (90 beds);
  • -  2 units  for  chemotherapy (120 beds);
  • -  ICU (30 beds).

There is a variety of diagnostic laboratories, a pathology department, and a Pharmacy in the Hospital. More than 30000 patients are admitted to the hospital every year. Surgery is one of the major kinds of treatment (24% of anticancer treatment) in the Hospital. More than, 14 000 surgical operations are performed yearly. Postoperative mortality is 0,5%. St.-Petersburg City Oncology Clinic staff is presented by 251 physicians, 481 nurses, 7 pharmacists, 21 radiology technicians, 238 nursing assistants, and 119 people on additional services.

Many physicians are involved in research: 5 have Doctor Research degree, 35 - PhD. 124 doctors have the Highest and 49 – the First Category in Medical Practice. St.-Petersburg City Oncology Clinic is affiliated with the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Training. Doctors from all over Russia and CIS states go through oncology and intensive care training here. 

Technical possibilities of a clinic constantly extendNow the spectrum of inspection and types of treatment include:                    

  • Beam and radioisotope diagnostics;                   
  • The radiotherapy including remote, intracavitary and intraoperative hardware irradiation;
  • Computer and magnetic resonance tomography;                  
  • Angiographic complex 3-d intervention diagnostics and treatment;                   
  • Outside and intracavitary ultrasound, as well as endoscopic examination of the internal organs of the ultrasonic accompaniment;                  
  • Endovideossurgery with ultrasonic intraoperative diagnosis of the state of regional and distant metastasis;                    
  • Laryngoscopic, thoracoscopic, laparoscopic (abdominal, gynecological and urological) surgical intervention;
  • Photo dynamic diagnostics and treatment; ultrasound ablation of prostate cancer;
  • Cryosurgery exterior and interior of the tumor processes;                    
  • All kinds of laboratory, morphological and histochemical methods of research.Structural diagnostics of tumor tissue is for individualized chemotherapy. The possibilities of our equipment allow spending diagnostics of individual tumors, even in their pre-clinical stage. Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation provides rapid recovery of patients in the postoperative period. In the future on the testimony of patients, undergo treatment in the Department of rehabilitation.